• <h4> Preventive Health Specials for Cats and Dogs</h4>

    Preventive Health Specials for Cats and Dogs

    Pets over seven years of age, this translates to 55 human years, are considered seniors. Your doctor would insist that you get labwork along with your yearly physical. Our special includes a comprehensive examination, blood profile, urinalysis and intestinal parasite screen. The cost for these services is normally $309.60. During the special we are offering these services for $176.75, a 40% savings. It's healthier to identify and treat diseases in your pets before irreversible changes occur.
  • <h4>HealthCare Plans</h4>

    HealthCare Plans

    View our HealthCare Plans for your beloved Bend pet!
  • <h4>Vaccine Special</h4>

    Vaccine Special

    Appropriate vaccinations and intestinal parasite elimination are the mainstay of protection from many common diseases. Our Vaccine Special includes DAPP/FVRCP, Rabies and Deworming. Our special price is $72.40. The regular price is $120.65, a 40% savings.


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Westside Pet Hospital
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Phone: (541) 678-5440
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Clinic Hours
Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm
Evening appointments by arrangement.

If you’re looking for a vet in Bend, Oregon, stop by Westside Pet Hospital. We provide Central Oregon with a unique combination of traditional and alternative medicine to provide the best health care for your trusted companions. We are a full-service veterinary hospital that strives to exceed your expectations for veterinary care.

Your pet is a member of your family. We understand that veterinary visits can be a nerve-racking experience for them, and you too. While they are in our care, your pets will be treated like a member of our family.

We’re proud to provide the pets of Bend with a warm and caring environment for all their veterinary needs, from regular checkups to emergenciesthat may arise. For more information about the range of veterinary and pet care options we offer at Westside Pet Hospital, give us a call today at (541) 678-5440.

Preventive Care

Preventive care will help your pet live a longer, healthier lifestyle. Our programs are designed to help keep your pet happy and healthy.


Oral and Dental Care

Our pets need dental care just like us. Bad breath, drooling and pawing at the mouth are all indications that it is time for a check up.


Resources and News

Our blog is filled with a great number of resources and news about our clinic, how to care for your pet and other fun happenings.


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Lumps and Bumps

Pets of any age may sprout growths on or under their skin. These need to be examined to diagnose what type of tumor it is. We perform a procedure called an aspiration biopsy. This is a relatively painless procedure consisting of using a very fine needle to collect... read more

Stress In Owned Cats

Facing long lines at the grocery store, the roundabout or the movies, you think your life is stressful? Well, what about your cat? Cats are exposed to a variety of stressors, which may have a bad effect on their welfare. Common stressors include environmental changes,... read more

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Westside Pet Hospital
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Phone: (541) 678-5440