Cats are great at hiding disease. Weight gain or loss, changes in urination behavior, not jumping on counters, or increases in water consumption may all signal internal problems. Take advantage of our Cat Exam Special this month and have your cat examined. It’s a small price to pay to ensure that your feline friend is healthy and happy.

We’re one of Bend’s only Certified Cat-Friendly Practices, which makes it much easier for you and your fur ball to come visit us. We have a special waiting room to separate the cats from the dogs and other disturbances. We also use a calming pheromone in our cat exam room to lessen their anxiety. We have received special training on how to examine cats in a gentle and caring manner.

If you’ve refrained from taking your kitty to the vet because of anxiety, Westside Pet Hospital is the place to come for a checkup. Right now, we’re offering Comprehensive Cat Exams for only $30. Click on the phone number below to call and make an appointment today!


Call (541) 678-5440 to get the special!