May is Dental Health Month at Westside Pet Hospital

Try to imagine living with someone who has never brushed their teeth! Not a pleasant thought, considering the infected teeth and bad breath they’d develop.
Dental disease is a common and often overlooked problem in dogs and cats. Untreated, the bacteria that cause dental problems enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the body to invade vital organs. In many pets, this flow of bacteria continues for most of their lives and can cause serious damage to these organs.


Our Dental Special includes:

A complete physical exam to assess your pet’s anesthetic health risks, oral exam, pre-anesthetic laboratory organ profile, IV catheter and fluids during the procedure, ultrasonic teeth cleaning and polishing, one intraoral dental radiograph, special dental treats to reduce plaque formation and nail trim.
Extractions and additional radiographs are extra.
The regular price for this dental package is $432.55. During Dental Health Month the package costs $271.15, a 35% savings!
Help prevent dental problems from becoming life-threatening disease by taking care of your pet’s teeth.


Call 541-678-5440 or email to schedule your pet’s May Dental Special.